What is AtomicMe?

AtomicMe is a new social network where anyone who can attract a fan base has an opportunity to monetize that fan base through the advertising revenue generated on their AtomicMe page.

The other side of that coin is that AtomicMe gives you the ability to support people, businesses and causes that you’re passionate about by visiting and interacting with their AtomicMe page.

In addition to all of this, privacy is the cornerstone of AtomicMe. We empower you to dictate who sees what information you’d like them to see on your AtomicMe page.

Please see our User Agreement and Privacy Policy for more details.

Why another social network? Do we need another social network?

AtomicMe thinks you do need another social network, if it's a social network that gives back. 

YOU, and everyone else that has ever joined a social network, are the reason why social networks have become such an important part of the online experience.

Without you, and everyone else that has joined, social networking wouldn't even exist, and certainly wouldn't be generating the type of income for the larger social networks that are in existence today. 

Don’t you think you should be rewarded for your time, effort and loyalty?

How can I sign up and create an AtomicMe page?

Go to the AtomicMe log in page, click on Sign Up, then enter whatever information you decide you'd like to have on your AtomicMe page. Your AtomicMe page will create itself around this information and you'll be on your way.

What about account privacy?

Account privacy is a top priority for AtomicMe. This is your information and you should control who sees it. AtomicMe gives you the ability to decide which user group an individual should be placed in, and you designate what content that user group should see. If you decide that a certain user group should not be allowed to view a particular piece of content then you can exclude that user group from seeing that content.

It's as simple as you having control over who sees what content, and isn't that how it should be?

What are the possible privacy categories I can place a piece of content in? Can I change what category I've placed that content in? Can I place that content in multiple categories?

You can place a piece of content in the the Fan, Friend, Best Friend, Family, Confident, Work Colleague or Acquaintance categories, and you can change that category designation in the future. Yes, you can place a piece of content in multiple categories. 

What are the possible categories I can put someone in? Can I change what category I've put that person in? Can I put a person in multiple categories?

You can put an individual in the Friend, Best Friend, Family, Confident, Work Colleague or Acquaintance categories, and you can change that category designation in the future. Yes, you can put an individual in multiple categories.

How can I support the causes I'm passionate about with AtomicMe?

The best way to support someone on AtomicMe is to visit their page often, and encourage your friends to do the same thing. When you visit their page you can really help them out by taking advantage of the ads that appear there.

If you click on these ads and make a purchase, you could financially benefit them much more than if you just visited their page but don't click on any ads or click on ads but don't make a purchase.

Bottom line, the best way to benefit the causes you're passionate about it is to interact with the ads that show up on their page and make purchases and/or use the services offered by these ads.

And if they don't have an AtomicMe page then encourage them to join AtomicMe. It can only help them, and I'm sure they'll appreciate you doing it.

How can I make money on AtomicMe?

The way to make money on AtomicMe is to draw eyeballs to your page. Get creative! Get busy getting people to your AtomicMe page. The key is to draw a virtual crowd then find ways to keep them coming back to your page!

How much money will I make?

It depends on how many people visit your AtomicMe page, how many of these people click on the ads that appear on your page and make purchases from these ads, and how much each ad pays, which can vary greatly.

It's hard to tell you exactly how much you'd make on AtomicMe without actually trying it, however if you're engaging in social networking currently and not getting paid anything for your time and effort, then AtomicMe can only financially improve that situation for you.

AtomicMe wants you to benefit from the traffic you're attracting, and isn't that the way it should be?

How does AtomicMe know how much to pay me?

Provided you attract a minimum of 100,000 unique visitors to your AtomicMe page within a one month time period, you will receive 30% of the net advertising revenue generate on your AtomicMe page during that month. For every month you attract the minimum number of unique visitors to your AtomicMe page, AtomicMe will pay you. Please see our User Agreement for more details.

How do I get paid?

At this point, you must have a PayPal account for AtomicMe to forward your earnings to you. This will happen within three months after the month in which you've earned your portion of your generated advertising revenue. Please see our User Agreement for details.

Does AtomicMe take taxes out?

AtomicMe does not take taxes out. It is your responsibility to pay the appropriate taxes that are generated via your AtomicMe account.

Does AtomicMe have a referral program?

Yes, if you refer someone to AtomicMe, and that person met all of the requirements to receive compensation then you will receive 10% of the net advertising revenue that the individual you referred generates within the first six months of that individual creating their AtomicMe account. You must inform AtomicMe that you referred this individual, and they must confirm that you did indeed refer them to AtomicMe. Please see our User Agreement for details.

Can a business or organization join AtomicMe and get compensated for the people they attract to their AtomicMe page?

Yes, a business or organization has the same opportunity as an individual to create an account and benefit from the advertising revenue that's generated on their AtomicMe page, so long as that business or organization fulfills all of the requirements regarding their page as outlined in the User Agreement.

What if I’m running into a problem and/or have a question that is not addressed here?

AtomicMe is here to help, so feel free to contact us at atomicmewebsite@yahoo.com, and someone will get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.