The LV2011 the vacation Series ornaments sweet flowers accessories

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The LV2011 the vacation Series ornaments sweet flowers accessories

louis vuitton outletsLittle woman to make a romantic fashion, certainly missed ornaments accessories to decorate the LV2011 holiday series of ornaments, sweet flowers accessories undoubtedly make you not have a style in a busy schedule vacation, with a faster than a goods store small to go Take a look at this fine accessories.2011 spring and summer, LV incumbent inspired designer Julie de Libran we are extremely delicate, sweet little woman vacation series of Women. The LV2011 the vacation Series accessories to the theme of the delicate flowers, from the the sweet holiday atmosphere of the wonderful inspiration interwoven, creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere.Romantic princess wind double necklace, a chain of unique design, coupled with exquisite and vivid flowers embellishment, to create a modern princess has a romantic feel.The same is romantic princess wind double necklace, the gorgeous color highlight yeyan feeling.Exquisite accessories, fashion ornaments, to help you to be a romantic little woman.LV recent four frequent acquisitions of other luxury brands, continue to grow. Previously only designed bags luxury, jewelry what acquisition. Attracted the resentment of the fashion industry, LV want a single large, to occupy global luxury market it? Or another purpose? With a ratio of one-product shop to see how the same thing in the end.

louis vuitton authentic outlet storeBernard Arnault, head of the French luxury goods giant Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH, hereinafter referred to as LV) has just become the world's fourth of the rich. This depends on the "crazy" acquisition and successful business operation. This month, LV acquisition of Italian luxury jeweler Bulgari, while competitors Hermes (hermes) equity holdings to 20%. Some people worship Arnault's business strategy and the spirit of adventure, and in some people's eyes, he is a "dressed in cashmere cashmere sweater wolf. In the eyes of Arnault, the luxury but a business this caused resentment fashion.Bulgari fans very frustratingMarch 7, LV announced a $ 3.7 billion holding Bulgari, LV largest acquisition in the past 10 years. Commercial areas, this is a win-win transaction, the field of top jewelry and watches LV short board, it is available Bvlgari leader to Cartier and Tiffany contend. But, in the the Bulgari "fans" It seems that this acquisition is very frustrating.Many "fans" to worry about the 127-year history of Bulgari from the assembly line production lost crafted workshop culture. A "fan" worried about the high cost of the old artisans will be expelled.Renaissance CEO package where, said: "Too bad. Bulgari's IPO (initial public offer) I was in London, then Bvlgari is a really high-end, the average price of a single product in the $ 25,000 on we had thought, after the completion of the Listing Bulgari as a souvenir. they said: Sorry, investment banks and lawyers are not our target customers so arrogant, I did not expect today. "

louis vuitton online shop onlineLV is the "Snake"LV has penetrated into luxury fashion, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, wine, and retail sub-sectors, with over 50 luxury brands. Arnott led the LV was friends dubbed the "Snake" in the title."Snake" has been eyeing the object may bring in huge profits while mercilessly lost corporate profits. Since 1987, LV has carried out more than 60 acquisitions, and sold 48 companies.The judge said Bulgari CEOTrapani large group will become the protagonist of the luxury goods industry. Europe's most well-known brands are workshop-style family business evolved them from generation to generation, low-key and elegant, each brand its own distinct characteristics are fastidious. The international financial crisis impact on many such enterprises, some so far been unable to recover. At this time, a large group of mergers and acquisitions has become the trend.Acquisition of bumpy TanzaniaMany luxury brand's fans obviously not happy to see the acquisition of four of the "Snake". A white-collar workers, said, hope to buy luxury call LV.The LV acquired naturally not smooth sailing. The famous French luxury goods group Hermes over the years has always wanted to get rid of and LV stakeholders, tough requirements Arnott exit. Always been good at business operations Arnott, however, regardless of the other opposition, recently quietly stake by the end of last year, 17% to 20%, the to become Hermes largest independent shareholders.

Louis Vuitton BeltsIn the eyes, Arnott luxury but a business, in Hermes seems, elegance is a kind of power, runs counter to the thinking of the two. A talk about the industry, the Hermes board meetings last year, the Arnot out of the door. Arnott's ambition is unstoppable, but M & luxury is bound to be a rough ride.Related NewsChinese people into the LV top clientsSome media reported that Chinese consumers have more than South Korea, Japan and the United States has become one of the top clients of LV. "Forbes" magazine, the growth of the wealth of the Asia-Pacific region to promote the LV and other luxury goods consumption. The LV data show, the company last year recurring operating profit of 4.32 billion euros on revenue of 20.3 billion euros, a record high. A fashion circles pointed out LV price increases in July and September last year, and again in March of this year to raise prices. Currently, the company's share price rose from 40 in the first quarter of 2009 euros to 114 euros, up 185%. In a recently released Forbes global rich list, Arnott compare to last year, moving up three ranked fourth, the total assets reached $ 41 billion, a net worth of $ 13.5 billion more than last year.After five years, ten years later, the luxury not only a dominant LV it?LV2011 autumn and winter the big show in full swing, beautiful models, sexy models still. The LV big show exciting highlights, supermodel Kate Moss finger grip cigarette T station show how personality show a shop than a product with the first preview.

Louis Vuitton WalletsSupermodel Kate Moss the 2011 autumn and winter LV big show to come back to the T station. Surprisingly not he HOT tight shorts, or black jacket with fur sleeves, but fingers a cigarette ...However, Kate Moss is not the only people who smoke in the T stage, his predecessors Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell) and Amber Valetta.First to see supermodel Kate Moss introduced.Kate Moss (Kate Moss, 16, 2009 - 1974), born in London, the British supermodel, whose real name is Katherine Ann Moss. Kate Moss, two of the 10 most profitable models, had 300 appeared in the cover of the magazine for a major brand ambassador times more numerous. Her 14-year-old New York travel, returned to Britain at the airport by Storm Model Management to explore, launched her modeling career. 15 years old, shooting a series called "The Third Summer of Love" photos to start is the attention to "The Face" magazine. Just debut, they signed a perfume ads of Calvin Klein brand value of $ 4,000,000, has been hailed as "Cindy Crawford Crawford second. She also opened a "the morbid beauty" era since the 1990s began. With the development of China's economy, the luxury in the country is already rooted. According to statistics, as of December 2009, the amount of consumption of luxury goods in China reached $ 9.4 billion, already surpassing the United States, the world's second-largest luxury consumption country, in the end the the luxury status quo is really that good? In fact, the Chinese everyone in comparisons, and to promote the sales of luxury goods.

Louis Vuitton Small Leather Goods"Tighten their belts" as the luxury front desk back LVHow to become a luxury consumption country? What is driving the rapid development of luxury consumption in China? "Chinese" luxury consumption fanatical and folding that reflect how social reality?Tong Chun ordinary employees of a foreign company in Beijing last month, teeth buy a price tag of nearly million GUCCI beige handbag. Chun told reporters that last year had just graduated from school, and now less than 4,000 yuan a month income in order to buy the package, she was three months did not buy a piece of clothing, eating lunch in the company every day. She said, foreign companies pay great attention to the brand, meet at first glance to see what you wear shoes back what package. Compared to the package, and the package can every day carry years will not become obsolete, it does and carry on the temperament of the whole person is not the same, especially the significant level. Chun believes that this is the most cost-effective consumer.28-year-old Wang Loffi around many of my friends have become a luxury "drug addicts." "A friend of mine, the monthly salary plus bonuses is less than 5,000 yuan, but frequently travel to the mall to buy luxury goods she loves to swipe their credit cards, often overdrafts to buy a beloved brand-name clothing, her travel as much as possible to walk or take the bus, even the subway rarely sit. "