The classic LV nostalgic good car at the 1897 Paris Motor Show

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The classic LV nostalgic good car at the 1897 Paris Motor Show

louis vuitton ukWe are all familiar LV leather bags and, LV details of the various aspects of the requirements is extremely focused. Below with one to one shops go look at the the the LV classic retro good car at the 1897 Paris Motor Show.LV Louis Vuitton repeated education consumers love it: love me, you will know that I do box background! Louis Vuitton Paris Motor Show in 1897, exhibited first Car suitcase, is now the prototype of the car trunk.LV Louis Vuitton Classic Car Award was founded in 2005 in order to highlight the elegant art of travel. This year's award-winning classic classic cars Talbot-Lago SuperSportT150C two-door hard convertible top sports car, The classical concept car was awarded Jaguar C-X75 - perhaps 40 years later exalted classic classic cars Awards will it.LV Louis Vuitton recommended classic car, you can not believe it?2010 concern the hottest word is "up" in this era of soaring prices, what is a jumped up, could have been the high price of luxury goods LV LV store in China, now the front-line mention price, LV fans want to tangle.LV reported that the LV store in China started to raise prices from the 1st of this month, some suddenly rose 400 yuan. LV prices in the end is why? Follow the global price increases or otherwise do? Above "LV prices across the board in the end is a strategy or pressure?" Have discussed this topic, interested friends can go to understand.

louis vuitton outlet ukCustomers often buy luxury goods, luxury goods every year prices have become a norm. Following the July last year raised the prices of some products, starting from the 1st of this month, the big LV start again a new round of price adjustment, brands such as Dior, Celine, without exception, recently raised the price of some goods, amplitude In 5-15%.LV Louis Vuitton official told the media: The adjustment is based on the the LV long term pricing strategy, taking into account the monetary inflation rising costs of raw materials, such as a variety of factors.Yesterday morning, LV Guomao confirmed to reporters that "indeed prices, mainly leather", but the specific price increase due to different commodities varies. The reporter noted that fans known as "entry-level" Neverfull PM prices rose to 5,350 yuan from 5,750 yuan, or more than 7%.LV, some other big price increases. Dior Guomao morning, the prices involving leather goods, jewelry and table, or about 5%. Celine smiling face package Luggage also prices in January 1000. Insiders say that the LV and other luxury brands tend to the preservation or appreciation in prices to prove. Many of my friends are indescribable excitement, before prices before income bags.Look abroad to Europe and the United States LV prices storm whipped up to a frenzy, many classic LV bags are to enhance the price, look at the situation in the near future prices will not fall down, one than a goods stores will continue to focus on the problems of the LV price when new messages are timely sharing to everyone.

louis vuitton sale ukWorlds, really full of wonders. Designers to cater to their own ideas, often designed with some unusual items. This designer Jason - Phillips, in order to express the degree of LV brand favorite design an elegant LV presbyopia series of three or three-color sofa, decorative home provides a high index.The designer Jason - Phillips to express loyalty to the favorite brand in his own way, he has just released a the elegant LV sofa series, can be used to enhance your home decor Index. This series of several styles, such as the classic dark models or elegant and stylish light-colored printing models. Luxury brands and commonplace things seems to also a creative path, at least for the brand diehard appetite.Elegant luxury LV three three-color sofaFabric sofa classic LV three-color case expressed both traditional and modern design style, luxury and charming.Whether you choose the classic LV presbyopia series three three-color or colorful series can make your living room becomes elegantLV classic floral pattern sofa you buy it?If you are a LV enthusiasts on the LV package has not yet run the streets to see enough, you can also try to put on LV leather sofa, so that your living room has become fashion together just like you. Whether you choose a classic series of dark or light-colored colorful series can make your living room becomes elegant. Fabric sofa classic LV pattern expression of both traditional and modern design style, luxury and charming.

fake louis vuitton bagsParis Fashion Week, the gathering place of the big fashion. Each season can be seen in some big launch of new products, each fashion fans are most concerned about. The Paris Fashion Week, LV2011 spring and summer men's series grab eyeballs everyone to see with than one product to store small to see.LV has always been a favorite for women more than men, in addition to the classic LV suitcases, briefcases, diagonal package and LV wallet. The past, many men want to be in the LV selection of a suitable package seems to be painstakingly.However, LV is finally beginning to show concern for the needs of men. Gray, brown, green, with obvious classic LV pattern logo design. From the elegant to the Cowboys, even some specially designed by tattoo artist Scott Campbell. In the spring and summer of 2011, we went to look at the handsome male model Louis Vuitton wonderful interpretation of fashion and bags.2011 Paris spring and summer men's fashion week, designer Paul Helbers brings us a bold and colorful LV Men series, French casual sense of tailoring and bohemian and Chinese elements ethnic wind to get the perfect fusion of the overall style eclectic.

louis vuitton belts ukPaul Helbers LV (Louis Vuitton) 2011 spring and summer men's series is targeted at a pleasant trip and the season conference mainly to cut loose a total of 54 new LOOK. Movement style into one, highlighting the vitality of self-confidence and enthusiasm. Mustard yellow, coral, green, the lake blue dotted sedate black, white and brown, giving an elegant and refreshing feeling. This LV show fashion style design is quite rich: sports hoodies, stand-up collar jacket, leather suit, knitted sweater ... worth mentioning is capable personal Tattoo Scott Campbell, Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) this LV (Louis Vuitton) 2011 spring and summer men's show some models painted tattoos. The these tattoos elements is also used in a print shirt fat leg pants and LV luxury handbag.LV Men same wonderful attention to fashion, attention to LV. LV Louis Vuitton luggage in the field is known as a leader in luxury goods, LV course want more dry the greater this LV would like to monopolize the jewelry industry side, the news report that the acquisition of the Italian luxury LV products jeweler Bulgari. Fast with a store than a product together to see how it was.LV Group (LVMHMoetHennessyLouisVuitton) (LVMH.MI) (hereinafter referred to as "LV") price plan for about 3.7 billion euros (U.S. $ 5.2 billion) acquisition of the Italian luxury goods group Bulgari (BulgariSpA), this transaction will doubling the size of the watch and jewelery sector, LV at least 10 years since an M & A transactions.

Louis vuitton luggage saleAccording to a joint statement issued by the Italian Stock Exchange and LV show, LV has agreed to acquire Bulgari family held a 50.4% stake in Bulgari, and launched a takeover offer for the remaining shares to 1.87 billion euros (about 2.61 billion U.S. dollars) price . The acquisition price is 61% higher compared with the the Bvlgari shares March 4 closing price on the Milan market.LV CEO Bernard - Arnott (BernardArnault), through a series of mergers and acquisitions has been the scale of the company's development and expansion of the Bulgari is the world's third largest jewelry manufacturer, Arnott's plans to acquire the company purpose, the LV sales growth rate lagged behind larger competitors, the world's largest jewelry manufacturer Richemont Group (CieFinanciereRichemontSA) (CFRHF).Bulgari is its product portfolio by adding more cheap products and high-end watches, and the reason is that in the last recession cycle, the market demand is rebound. LV trading consultancy company is the the French Calyon (CreditAgricoleCIB) (ACA), Bulgari consultant Swiss credit (CS). Perhaps a few years after LV jewelry but also swept up, we will wait and see.